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Our calculators provide you with a quick and simple way of determining the square footage area for various shapes and in both SI and imperial units. Just click on the shape you want from the above tabs, enter the measurements, hit calculate and get instant results!


We developed the Square Footage Calculator keeping in mind its usefulness for people from all walks of life. This tool is not only handy for professionals working in the construction industry but also for students who need a quick solution to complex math problems.

The Square Footage Calculator can be used by woodworkers and home owners to work out an how many square feet of material is needed for flooring, tiling, garden, carpets, tiling and roofing purposes. If you are not making the measurements in feet, you can utilize the metric units available on our calculators.

For the ease of our users, we have included conversion factors which will make it easy for you to convert values from imperial to SI units and vice versa. This tool can handle calculations for rectangular, circular or triangular areas. In addition, we have included square footage area calculations for rectangular borders, circular borders and trapezoidal shapes. We have even incorporated a costing function in our calculator which estimates the cost of materials you will need to finish the job.

All in all, we designed Square Footage Calculator so you can make use of a single multifunctional tool for all your calculations without having to search for financial calculators or conversion tables. You deal with work, let us handle the math.

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